Sabon Roman

Created in 2015 - Adobe Illustrator & Adobe AfterEffects.  Photos for the project were found via Google search and research about Sabon Roman.

History & Time Motion Exploration

The purpose of this video was to capture visual characteristics of a particular typeface. This video captures the essence of Sabon Roman. It presents the history, the larger font family, and a typeface grid. The video is meant to take advantage of the ideas of motion and sequence while visually describing and comparing the unique forms and attributes of the typeface.

Typeface Study

Sabon was created by Jan Tschichold in 1967.  It was designed to be the first typeface to look the same when it was set by hand and by machine.  At the time that it was designed, it was a trend to create revivals of Garamond.  This revival was meant to be more humanistic and a modernization.  Upon further exploration of the typeface, I created a 3 x 3 grid that highlights the attributes of Sabon --

  • A: cropped apex
  • J: slight hook
  • Q: tail centered under the figure
  • g: double storied letters
  • k: ascender is higher than a capital letter


Below are studies of the typeface.  This project pushed me to see different solutions and understandings of the typography.  I was intrigued by the symbols of the typeface because they were playful and exciting.  However, the typeface is more serious and has beauty in each of its letters.  It was my task to find the best way to display these features and consider the space around the letters as well.