Lunar Gala

Board Member 2016-2017: PR x Strategy

To view my copywriting for the Lunar Gala Blog, follow this link.

Lunar Gala 2017: Sonder

All flowers in this line were laser cut (files created in Illustrator as vectors and exported as DXF files) and hand-sewn together  before being attached to the garments. The patterns were created for each look using sample patterns and iterations. 

Project as a collaboration with Sommer Farber (+ Mya Snyder). To view portfolio submission, click here.

Blume is meant to combine the feminist and romanticism of floral deigns with the impermanence of our materials. By impermanence, we mean a state that is ever-changing and growing. The line moves in a blossoming evolution through a balance of color and material.  


Lunar Gala 2016: Strain

Collaboration with Lily Fulop. Created for Lunar Gala, a student run fashion show at Carnegie Mellon for February 13, 2016.  Materials used: Yarn, thread, fabric, and elastic.  For the 2017 Lunar Gala, Lily and I each serve on an executive board (Lily is on the Creative Board while I am part of the PR/Strategy Board).

Pom is an off-beat, crochet lingerie line that plays with the colors of the seventies and bondage culture. Crochet is colorful, soft, innocent, and fun, while the styles we referenced are dark, risqué, and provocative. Through this  unexpected contrast, Pom is playful and suggestive. It pushes the boundaries of what lingerie can be and elicits a response about cultural disillusionment and questions our cultural values regarding sex.

For this project, I learned how to crochet within 7 weeks. I created some of the boxers and each of the accessory pieces for the looks. Through the process, I was able to learn how the material differed from traditional fabric. My role focused on the attention to details, administrative roles and communication with our design advisors, sketching, creation of the pom-poms, and coordinating our looks. 

Photo credits to Julia Ainbinder, Jason Chen, Matt Nielson, and Yoon-ji Kim