Instagram: breaking the grid

Spring 2017 - Collaboration with Angee Attar and Anqi Wan. Created using Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator & AfterEffects). Inspired by Miami in 1980 and RGB colors associated with generative code and mono space typeface. 


Taking a Look

To begin this project, we created diagrams of functional analysis that included communications, friends, and groups within three different social media platforms. After creating these analysis, we drafted visual analysis presentations that dealt with color, layout, typography and image. We consider the responsiveness of different devices and dimensions as we revised our diagrams. We began the project with an interest in the "Instagram aesthetic." We had established a brand in the form of a food photo.

For part two of the project, we decided our food imagery was strong in visual components but would not lend itself as a representative of our intervention within the social media platform. We decided to plan with the aesthetics of current trends and past color and style. Utilizing pure RGB colors and a mono space type, we applied our illustrations and copy to a video that laid down the rules of Instagram and showcased our intervention.

Our research and process had proven to us that Instagram needed an upgrade. With the recent changes and movements towards algorithm-based social media, we thought that Instagram's profile was outdated. Why aren't you able to move, scale and change your images if everything thing else within Instagram has already done that? We "break the grid" and allow the user to be able to edit their profile to better represent themselves. 

Sketchbook + Process

To better understand the functional side of social media and user interaction, I created diagrams for my exploration. Through web diagrams and wireframes, I was able to find key points within the system of social platforms. As a group, we examined the patterns within the platforms by taking note of the typography, color, and organization of each one. 

We were interested in exploring the activity of the user. We wanted to try and categorize their actions based on the platforms and their purpose. It seemed that the purpose of each platform were based on the content of the different components. We took the time to refine our ideas based on our research into content, space and time usage within (up to seven) social media platforms. 


Elements + Sample of Files

To create our video and our intervention, we worked as a team to storyboard our narrative and create files for each scene within our video. In AfterEffects, we combined these "sketches" show the facts about Instagram. Some of these were revised or changed throughout the process. As a team, we had decided to emphasis the clarity of our story. When we were looking at inspiration for our video, we found that the most successful videos work with or without sound. The sound was meant to enhance the video and set a rhythm or tone for it. Our video is meant to be playful and exciting, resembling the vibe of the '80s in Miami.