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Hierarchy • Typographic Exercise

Hierarchy Exercise

Created in 2015 - Photography & Adobe Indesign.  Background images of the posters are photographs of Terry Boyd's artwork.


This project focused on the beginnings of understanding typography.  I explored how weight, size, spacing and placement of the text can work with the imagery. The type is meant to convey a certain message to the user and it is up to the designer to figure out how to communicate that message.  This study aimed to provide an example of being able to convey a certain mood or tone and highlight the takeaways from a given piece of information.  I chose to make a series out of my piece of text because I felt that I had imagery that would convey that clearly and bring out the information in a way the signified that this was about a sequential event. 


Spacing & Chunking

The project was broken into exercises to slowly add new things to our typography toolbox.

Our first exercise took the block of text (first image on the top row) and played with the spacing on the page as a way to break down the information.  These chunks are significant to the process because they create negative space that establishes shape and movement for the reader's eye.

Second, I took the text and indented it. I broke it down into chunks with the text as whole.  I played around with how the eye can zigzag through the information and if there was a way that this would make anything stand out.  The pieces where the text is grouped into bigger sections was more pleasing to me but it hid the information into a mass of text.  Whereas the smaller indented pieces were more recognizable because they jutted out.


Lastly, I got to play around with imagery and combining it with the text. The block of text I was given was about the Three Rivers Film Festival.  To me, film felt like something that was dark and moody but had movement to it. I created my own backgrounds by using ink and streaking it across the page.  In the end, I used imagery from a fiber artist. The pieces show movement through color and line work.  I think that it conveyed the message I wanted the viewer to take from the poster and it highlighted the significant information. 


Third, I worked in adding color as a way of highlighting different elements of the information.  I wanted to have fun with this exercise after looking at a white page for so long.  I think the one with the yellow inspired me to try movement through paint for the later exercises.

Weight & Hierarchy

The fourth task was a precursor to the final poster.  I looked at combining the first few challenges to create an interesting hierarchy of the text.  I wanted to show how the information is all important but the reader's eye should be eyed through the page so they can choose what they want to take away from it.

Texture for Imagery