Neighborhoods • East Liberty

Collaboration with Faith Kaufman and Alex Palatucci Created in 2014 - Photography & Adobe Creative Suite. 

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Walking from Carnegie Mellon University to East Liberty, there is an obvious transition of neighborhoods.  Pittsburgh is made up of these unique niches but they can be easily influenced by the people around them.  Working with two classmates, we cataloged distinguishing parts along the journey from our school to the Home Depot on Highland Avenue: 

"Once we reached Home Depot, we felt that we had found a symbol of the conflict within the community. It represents the consumerist, commercial takeover that has been attempting to change the community.

The intention of this structure is to bring in a whole new demographic: one that does not exist in East Liberty. 

A community is based on the location, environment and the people that live there. The way these elements are combined together establishes or, in some cases like East Liberty, alters the purpose of the area.

Just a street over, there is a garden working for the internal, existing community. Those involved recognize the value of what is already there. Similarly, there are other neighborhoods along this journey that placed an emphasis on these values in a different way. In time, each place evolves, redefining the purpose of living with an intention."