Communications + Experience Designer



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Emily Mongilio

I am a junior at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a bachelor in design with concentrations in communications and environments.  Additionally, I am working towards two minors - one in psychology and another in global systems & management.  These minors combine my interests in understanding other cultures and languages while learning about how people make decisions and how our backgrounds influence who we are. 

Through my design concentrations, I have had the opportunity to study the effect of design on people.  I am interested in how the experience of something visual can impact the user and how our decisions as designers create interactions between people, space and things within their space. 

My work is a reflection of my experience and culture.  As an aspiring designer, my goal is to gather information from everywhere I go.  I like to make connections between things, and I try to push myself outside of my comfort zone.  I look for constant inspiration and passion. I am interested in working in visual design, creating an experience for people, advertising, branding and strategy.


I enjoy...

  • Finding the best cup of coffee
  • Traveling
  • Spending time with my friends & family
  • Trying new restaurants and cafes
  • Gallery openings and exhibition


  • I took a road trip to Chicago
  • Visited Oregon & Utah
  • Attended a concert (Flume)
  • Finished reading the new Harry Potter play